Science teaches us to ask questions, to develop a spirit of inquiry, and experiment our way towards answers. Art gives us possibilities to explore questions and express ourselves: how we feel and see the world, and to walk our own path. Fusion and connection of these two approaches is the basis of our A+S Workshops, a new kind of cultural initiative. Benefits of interdisciplinary practices are obvious not only for a harmonious individual development, where both brain hemispheres are in balance, but also for the global movement towards the integration of our fragmented contemporary world in the broader sense of the word.

Merging processes of exploration and discovery, learning and creation, theory and practive, we offer creative projects for children at the intersection of art and science with a focus on learning through inquiry, and expression through a variety of artistic media. Kids learn different methods and techniques during these classes but our main intent is to leave as much room as possible for their personal experience and freedom of imagination. During our workshops we also introduce them to different periods in history of arts and sciences, as well as a variety of cultural perspectives from around the world.

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